Large Indiana Local Leaves NEA

Teachers in the Carmel Clay school district in Indiana voted overwhelmingly in favor of decertifying their NEA-affiliated union in favor of the independent Carmel Teachers Association.

In a remarkably high turnout for a union election, more than 75% of the district’s 955 eligible educators returned ballots. CTA received 83% of the vote.

The vote was the culmination of a long battle not only between the competing locals, but between the teachers of Carmel Clay and the Indiana State Teachers Association. The decisive factor is illustrated by this CTA graphic:

Because Indiana doesn’t allow agency fees, teachers who choose to remain NEA members can do so, and won’t have to support CTA financially. Considering CTA’s margin of victory, it’s likely most teachers will support their local union for $99 and keep the other $650.

Unlike other places where locals have seceded, the leaders of Carmel Clay’s NEA affiliate appear to be accepting their defeat with magnanimity. They posted a congratulatory message on their Facebook page.

“Moving forward, effort will be put into making the transition as smooth as possible, and our leadership has offered to assist if needed,” they wrote.