California Teachers Association Employees Say CTA “Buries Union Values”

The California Teachers Association held a regularly scheduled meeting of its State Council this weekend, and the California Staff Organization, the union representing CTA’s professional employees, decided to draw the attention of the elected delegates to the status of contract negotiations with CTA management.

Wearing t-shirts reading “No Contract, No Work,” a group of staffers were led into the hall by a bagpiper. They carried a casket. Interrupting the proceedings, one staffer read a statement to the assembly.

“CTA buries union values when they ask for takebacks, offer low salary increases, refuse to settle the pension trust even after CSO gives up permanent benefits, refuses to address workload issues, requesting in advance a loss of staff as we face life without agency fee,” the staffer said.

CTA staffer Andrew Oman posted video of the funeral on his Facebook page.

CTA and CSO have scheduled a bargaining session for tomorrow.