Better Late Than Never

Each year I gather the financial information from NEA’s state affiliates and publish it in a table. Because the source figures are derived from each union’s filings with the IRS, the information is always a year old.

This year’s posting was held up for a long time because the tax-exempt return of the South Carolina Education Association was unavailable. But I finally got hold of it and have updated the table to reflect the newer data. You can find on EIA’s Affiliate Finances page.

For those strictly interested in South Carolina, SCEA took in $2,115,923 during the 2014-15 school year, more than 34% of which came from NEA national headquarters. SCEA ran a small deficit of $41,508 and maintained net assets of almost $1.1 million, which is relatively good for its size.

SCEA’s highest paid employee was executive director Roger Smith, who made $122,467. No contractor received more than $100,000.

I’ve already begun gathering numbers from 2016, but considering this type of delay, it could be many months before you see them.