Vegas Local Launches Ad Campaign Against Its State Affiliate

Turmoil within the Nevada State Education Association has broken out in a big way.

Sure, things were a mess before, but as Meghin Delaney reports in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, we have never seen anything quite like this:

The executive board of the Clark County Education Association, which represents teachers in the state’s most populous county, approved a motion expressing no confidence in its parent organization, the Nevada State Education Association, on June 10, shortly after the legislative session ended. It also authorized distribution of information about the “ineffectiveness and misinformation of the state union during the legislative session.”

CCEA produced several web ads, some of which were posted well before the no confidence vote.

This one explains how dues money should follow the members.

This one proposes a redistribution of state dues to CCEA.

And this one fires the big gun: “Why Are We Funding NSEA?”

There have been major disputes between locals and state affiliates before, but a formal vote of no confidence and an advocacy campaign break new ground. CCEA has not publicly declared its ultimate goal, but it has the upper hand.


One thought on “Vegas Local Launches Ad Campaign Against Its State Affiliate”

  1. The CCEA is a criminally inept organization that serves to line the pockets of its top brass via the center for teaching excellence, the so-called, inept and ineffective “Teachers Health Trust” and now aligns more as an organizing group. These ads make good on that statement.

    Someone needs to come in an disrupt the union to a teachers first model. The time and expense involved in creating these ineffective ads should be better spent negotiating better insurance for teachers.

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