What’s $2.8 Million Among Friends?

The National Education Association constructed its 2017-18 budget expecting a loss of 20,000 full-time equivalent members.

Last week the union held a telephone town hall specifically so that delegates could ask questions about the budget in advance of the Representative Assembly, to be held July 2-5.

NEA Secretary-Treasurer Princess Moss told the participants after “detailed regression analysis over the last five years” and “employing a conservative approach” that NEA had “budgeted for a possible reduction of 35,000 full-time equivalent members.”

My math may be a little rusty, but I’m pretty sure 20,000 is not equal to 35,000. In dollar terms it is a difference of up to $2.8 million to the union’s national budget.

So, either Ms. Moss misspoke, or the published budget that has been distributed to some 7,000 delegates is wrong. Several questions were asked after her presentation, but no one thought to mention this discrepancy.

There have been large discrepancies in the membership numbers reported to delegates at the convention as well, also without comment from the assembly. Perhaps critical thinking really is dead in our schools.