UPDATED: NEA Convention 2017: New Business Items on Charters, Political Endorsements & DeVos

Delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly have already submitted 105 new business items for debate and vote – 14 more than at this point last year. Some of note:

New Business Item 22: The NEA shall make no major political endorsements outside the Annual RA process. [Update: Referred to committee]

New Business Item 33: NEA calls for an immediate moratorium on charter school expansion, except for district dependent charters, but including private charters and charters privately managed but authorized by school boards. [Update: Superseded by provisions of new NEA policy statement on charter schools.]

New Business Item 47: NEA will develop and promote resolutions that local associations can introduce at school board meetings calling for county-wide and state-wide moratoria on new charter school authorizations in every state that has legislation authorizing the creation of charter schools. [Update: Superseded by provisions of new NEA policy statement on charter schools.]

New Business Item 48: NEA will educate and organize its members to defend public education from privatization by training them on how to identify, correct, and refute misinformation. [Update: Defeated]

New Business Item 52: NEA will request the resignation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. [Update: Approved, but with modification that DeVos has until 9/1 to satisfactorily answer questions posed in this letter.)

New Business Item 65: The NEA will support both the efforts in the Department of Justice and the U.S. Congress to constrain Donald Trump’s abuses of power and will participate in the ongoing actions of the movement of Resistance to Trump to defeat Trump’s abuses through the direct mobilization and action of the American people.

The NEA defends the independence and integrity of the ongoing investigations of Donald Trump, the Trump campaign, and the Trump presidency. The NEA also supports the efforts to begin the process of impeaching Donald Trump in the U.S. House of Representatives that could lead to his trial before the U.S. Senate. [Update: Delegates voted not to consider this item.]

New Business Item 92: The NEA leadership must discourage, through appropriate means and venues, the purchase and patronage of Trump-family-owned goods, services, and properties to include, but not limited to, hotels, casinos, country clubs, shoes, apparel, and cosmetics. [Update: Defeated.]

New Business Item 100: Direct the PAC Council to determine a workable method for canvassing membership regarding their preference for President and publicizing the results prior to the recommendation by the PAC council for President of the U.S. in 2020. [Update: Bundled with NBI 22 and referred to committee.]

New Business Item 101: The NEA RA directs the NEA to examine the economic effect of establishing a dues structure based on income for all members and report the cost effect on members. [Update: Referred to NEA Executive Committee]

New Business Item 104: I move that NEA shall develop a “Watch List” of Broad Superintendents including financial ties and corporate backers. The list shall be made available to state and local affiliates. [Update: Approved.]