Updated: Fingers in Ears, Shouting “La, La, La, I Can’t Hear You!”

The delegates have worked their way through 34 new business items in the first two days. Only 125 to go.

Of the ones I listed yesterday, NBI 22 – about the union’s procedure for Presidential endorsements – was referred to the PAC Council amid some distress by a substantial group of delegates.

Some of the final NBIs are focused on dealing with opposing views.

New Business Item 111: The NEA will make available through the NEA website an ongoing, updated list of individuals, companies, and foundations that are actively engaged in funding and promoting (through conferences, media, and other means) educational positions that are contrary to the NEA Vision, Mission, Core Values, Policy Statements, and Resolutions. [Update: Withdrawn.]

New Business Item 113: I move that the NEA adopt an official position of objection to the “documentary” called School, Inc., a 3-hour program which aired in installments on PBS in June of 2017 and was funded by a foundation known to support vouchers and allied with Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity and the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation. And, that the NEA president contact PBS regarding School, Inc. to express counter points to this show. Finally, NEA members should be encouraged to contact PBS voicing their opinions on the showing of School, Inc. [Update: Approved.]

New Business Item 117: The NEA President will write a letter to the Inspector General to encourage the U.S. Postal Service to provide check-cashing services. [Update: Approved.]

New Business Item 125: The NEA shall only invite a National Teacher or an ESP of the year recipient who is an active union member to speak at the NEA Representative Assembly. [Update: Defeated.]

New Business Item 132: NEA will not accept monetary sponsorship or be affiliated with any foundation, corporation, or politician that is linked to the negative public education reform movement and/or has participated in the privatization of public education. A vetting system will be adopted by NEA to determine whether a foundation, corporation, or politician is or is not affiliated with the negative public education reform movement and/or participation in the privatization of public education. [Update: Referred to committee.]

The rationale for this one states, “How can we be the driving voice of public education when we corroborate (sic) with those that are working to destroy public education?”

New Business Item 133: I move that NEA develop resources for the organization of existing charter schools in all states where there are laws allowing them. Resources should include, but not be limited to, model contracts, forms, consortia, and a state strategy document that outlining specific steps each state should make in order to reach a goal of full charter unionization.

New Business Item 159: NEA shall hold an advisory vote at the RA during regular voting for NEA officers to indicate member choices for preferred presidential candidates in presidential primaries. Ballots would list candidates from all parties and members would have the option of choosing one candidate or choosing one preferred candidate from each party. (During the RA 16 months previous to the upcoming presidential elections.) [Update: Referred to committee.]