Almost Done In – West Virginia

On the pages of, teacher Michael Mochaidean provides a cogent analysis of the deficiencies of the West Virginia Education Association. He reports on the remarks of WVEA president Dale Lee and executive director David Haney at the union’s delegate assembly last May.

“The WVEA is broken,” Lee told his audience. “Our locals are broken.” Indeed, few locals have annual budgets, meetings rarely attract more than 15 members, and monthly meetings aren’t held uniformly.

As far as elections and politics, local PACs, which are crucial to the WVEA’s process for making political endorsements, were almost nonexistent in the past election. Only one state senator recommended by a local PAC won their race in November.

David Haney, the executive director of the WVEA, echoed Lee’s assessments. Besides reporting a decline in membership, Haney, like Lee, excoriated voters who supported conservative Republican candidates against their own interests as union members.