It’s Popcorn Time in Vegas

The ill will between the Nevada State Education Association and its largest local, the Clark County Education Association, has gotten so bad that NEA headquarters is weighing in.

You can get the entire backstory here, but let’s just clip a few bits from this Las Vegas Sun story and the comments accompanying it from union activists:

John Vellardita, CCEA executive director – “It really gets down to the fundamental question of whether or not the dues that we’re giving NSEA are serving CCEA members’ interests. We give out the bulk of their money. We feel that we’re subsidizing the state and the rest of its operations, and in return we’re self-sufficient.”

Jim Testerman, senior director of NEA’s Center for Organizing – “[Vellardita] wants more money from the state dues that members pay to offset the expenses that he is running up.”

Angie Sullivan, former CCEA executive board member – “CCEA polled its members. Something NSEA does not do and has never done. 85% of CCEA members do not even know what NSEA is or does. The state teacher’s union does zero to help CCSD teachers. Half our dues money may as well be lit on fire. Unfortunately it is $4 million…. We are leaving. We want a divorce.”

Anonymous teacher – “CCEA sent a PUSH POLL to members. Please don’t believe for one second that the questions were objective or fair. Of course they got the information they wanted to get out of it. …If Vellardita pushes his agenda and manages to ‘divorce’ NSEA from CCEA then many current members will want a divorce from the association. Angie Sullivan does NOT speak for all members.”


2 thoughts on “It’s Popcorn Time in Vegas”

  1. Hmmm….another majority of the rank-and-file that does not know what their union does for them? How could this be? Perhaps it’s a result of the union higher-ups that simply do not care about their membership – except when it comes to dues dollars which subsidize their expensive hotels, dinners, booze, over-the-top salaries and everything in between. If I only had a nickel for each time “our leadership” referred to members as “idiots, morons and just plain stupid.”

    I would love for you to have an expose on where dues dollars actually go – itemized line by line – and whether members are privy to that information. We’ve seen reports about New York and Michigan and how dues get wasted on champagne and executive salaries, I think it’s time for all state affiliates to be exposed in the same manner.

    When executives and staff are making (not earned) salaries that exceed what public officials, e.g. State governors and attorneys, members will have a rude awakening. In talking with many members over the years, only a scant few have an idea what these folks make and when they learn where their dues actually go, they protest and are labeled as trouble makers or anti-Union.

    Last, in keeping inline with members not knowing what their union does – many are not even aware that they can forego their full membership and choose to be a fee payer. The sad part is unions know this and are purposely keeping them in the dark. There have been countless strategy meetings concerning this with the overall consensus being to keep Pandora’s box closed.

  2. I was searching for a popcorn pic, but in came the tensions between Nevada State Education Association and the Clark County Education Association.
    All teachers union are crap they just misuse money like the usual unions. Vellardita is the most corrupt man on the planet who just wants to grab some money and p….

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