Local Control

Jo Ann Fujioka abruptly withdrew her candidacy for a seat on the Denver Public Schools board due to a loss of union support. Fujioka’s platform seems to be right out the union playbook. She opposes school closures, new charter schools, and Betsy DeVos.

She wanted to run on a three-member slate in order to coordinate a campaign against the board’s pro-reform majority, but somehow that ran afoul of the plans of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association. Fujioka posted a statement on her campaign web site:

Though we had secured agreement for a team of three candidates, that agreement ended very abruptly. I learned that DCTA consultants had pressured the other two candidates to withdraw from the slate and then informed me, “You bring nothing to the table.”

It appears that the union has newly hand picked candidates in place and ready to run. From the beginning, I have expressed that I have no desire to pursue less than a majority of the board seats to effect immediate change in the Denver Public Schools. Consequently, I am forced to withdraw.

DCTA had no public comment on the matter, but it’s good to know they’re saving the people of Denver the trouble of handpicking their own candidates.