Staff Union Unrest Reaches East Coast

Employees of the California Teachers Association have been picketing union events to draw attention to their fight for a new contract. The tactic seems to have caught on.

Employees of the Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association in Florida will picket a union training conference tomorrow to protest union managers’ failure to address their contract demands. Among the claims made by the Pinellas Staff Organization are:

* “PCTA has failed to bargain in good faith and refused to provide requested financial documents as required by the National Labor Relations Act.”

* “PCTA leadership has retaliated against both PSO and its members.”

* “PCTA has made proposals that seek to destabilize the retirement plan for PSO staff and create separate tiers among employees so new hires see inferior benefits compared to that of existing employees.”

The staff union says starting salaries have been frozen for more than 10 years.

PCTA has about 4,700 members, making it one of NEA’s larger local affiliates.