“Maybe I’m Too Generous of Spirit”

This Salon interview with American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten reads like a parody of a Salon interview, but it’s especially pungent because of this quote:

I do not believe that people are inherently bigoted in the United States of America. Maybe I’m crazy or I’m too generous of spirit, maybe I’m just too spiritual, but I do believe in the inherent good of people.

She then spends the rest of the interview demonizing her opponents and accusing them of trying to take democracy apart.

The interviewer is right out of central casting. Here are three of the questions he asked Weingarten:

* “A healthy public is economically productive. Having an educated public helps the economy. Yet there is a constant assault on teachers unions, any effort to make college accessible, and on our health care system by Republicans, conservatives and neoliberal policymakers.”

* “How did teachers become the enemy in this country?”

* “Who wouldn’t want ‘choice’? Who wouldn’t want ‘freedom’? Who wouldn’t want ‘efficiency’? Who wouldn’t want ‘opportunity’? What should the communication strategy be to reach out to parents and others who are being sold this false bill of goods and going along with it?”

It may be warm where you live, but it’s an especially hot summer in the fever swamp.