Morning Constitutional

The Oregon Attorney General ruled unconstitutional a tax increase initiative from the Oregon Education Association. The proposed ballot measure comes on the heels of OEA’s failed Measure 97 campaign of 2016.

The initiative would have required a 22 percent hike in education spending, but the problem was that it also would have removed the requirement of a three-fifths majority in the legislature to raise business taxes. The attorney general ruled this violated the rule that ballot initiatives address only a single issue.

Meanwhile, the Alabama Education Association sued the superintendent of the Mobile County public schools for restricting the union’s access to school premises. The suit claims this action “constitutes an arbitrary and capricious restraint on the right of AEA, and the individual plaintiffs, to exercise their constitutional right to association.”

Should AEA emerge victorious, I would expect Mobile’s schools to be inundated by others who also want to associate on school premises: insurance agents, used car salesmen, time-share owners, beer distributors…