CTA Employees Reach Tentative Agreement

Back from The Wall and hip-deep in piled-up tasks. Here are a few tidbits while I catch up:

* Despite contentious negotiations, the California Teachers Association and its professional staffers reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. Background here. Details pending.

* The Washington Education Association is not currently having the same luck with its staff contract negotiations, and a job action may occur if agreement is not reached by the end of the week.

* The dispute between the Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association and its staff made the local news, and the National Labor Relations Board made the union post this notice as a settlement of an unfair labor practices complaint.

The staffers also accuse PCTA of coercive actions, refusal to furnish information, and other violations.

* Iowa teachers will soon have to reauthorize the Iowa State Education Association as their bargaining agent district by district. ISEA membership remained stable while other state affiliates were collapsing, but this will be a big challenge.