Why Wait Months for Union News?

The New York Post‘s featured Labor Day story was headlined “UFT may have to dramatically slash $182M budget.” The newspaper reported that the United Federation of Teachers expected a 20-30 percent drop in membership – according to “labor sources” – should the U.S. Supreme Court strike down agency fee laws.

The unspecified cuts were announced by UFT president Michael Mulgrew at a union retreat last week, the Post reports.

It was an appropriate story for Labor Day, but you read about it back around Memorial Day in The 74.

In a column detailing what a number of unions were doing in advance of a possible Supreme Court ruling, I included this:

United Federation of Teachers: UFT’s New York City local estimates a 20 percent reduction in membership and feels it can safely cut $16 million, which is about 10 percent of the annual dues it collects.

Budget cuts at UFT might not affect your daily life, but if you have any interest at all in such issues, this is the place to come.