Nevada NEA Affiliate Fires Back at Las Vegas Local

The Nevada State Education Association responded harshly to yesterday’s startling news that its Las Vegas local, the Clark County Education Association, filed suit over their affiliation agreement.

“NSEA and its team spent significant time preparing for the meeting and was ready to negotiate, in good faith, an affiliate agreement with CCEA,” reads a statement from the state union. “NSEA asked CCEA for a proposal and they refused. After eight minutes, with numerous disruptions from CCEA’s team, CCEA walked out of negotiations.”

A September 18 letter from NSEA executive director Brian Lee to CCEA executive director John Vellardita explains the state union’s position in detail.

Evidently CCEA sent notice to NSEA last May that it was terminating the services agreement between the two affiliates. The state union says CCEA failed to declare it intended to terminate a separate dues collection agreement as well.

The meeting between the two parties was doomed to fail as they were not there to negotiate over the same agreement, hence the abrupt end to the proceedings.

CCEA continues to deny any desire to disaffiliate. But in unilaterally terminating both the services agreement and the dues transmittal agreement with NSEA and the National Education Association, the local now has a de facto disaffiliated status.

CCEA’s lawsuit, filed in district court, accuses NSEA of breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract.