Weird But Accurate Headline: Labor Union Imposes Trusteeship Over Department of Labor Union

The American Federation of Government Employees sacked four officers for improper expenditures and placed Local 12 under trusteeship. Local 12 represents employees of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Despite the best efforts of Washington Post columnist Joe Davidson, the story has nothing to do with the Trump administration. It appears that the AFGE national president, J. David Cox, is systematically removing potential challengers to his own power.

“All said, there have been no financial or representational misdeeds,” Eleanor Lauderdale, Local 12’s former executive vice president, said in a statement. “There has simply been a sloppy coup d’état by AFGE National Office and District 14,” which covers the Washington area.

Local 12’s ousted officers also filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the Department of Labor, claiming DOL assisted AFGE national in imposing the trusteeship. The complaint will be heard by the Federal Labor Relations Authority, which is independent from the DOL.