UPDATE: Hugs and Missing Tweets

AFT New Jersey endorsed state senate president Steve Sweeney for re-election. That wouldn’t be news except everyone knows the New Jersey Education Association endorsed Sweeney’s opponent, Republican Fran Grenier.

“This is a guy who walks the walk with working people,” said AFT president Randi Weingarten, shown here hugging Sweeney.

She also tweeted something to the effect that she couldn’t understand how any labor union could endorse a Trump supporter. The reason I can’t tell you exactly what she wrote is because the tweet has disappeared from her timeline and is now marked unavailable. [UPDATE: Through my mad skillz, I was able to find the exact quote, which was “Hard to see how any working person would support @SenSweeney’s opponent who supports @realDonaldTrump and @ChrisChristie.”]

Weingarten has tweeted an average of 38 times a day for almost seven years, so one or two disappearing isn’t a surprise. Strange it should be that one, though.