Florida Staff Union Is Keeping the NLRB Busy

The employees of the Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association are having a hard time negotiating a new contract with union management. They have filed unfair labor practice (ULP) complaints and formed informational picket lines.

The two sides finally returned to the bargaining table earlier this month. While some progress was made, it looks like there was some backsliding as well.

The Florida Staff Organization, which is the umbrella group for all employees of the Florida Education Association, filed another complaint with the National Labor Relations Board last week alleging that PCTA officers are engaged in making unilateral changes to the contract, “coercive actions (surveillance, etc.)” and “coercive statements (threats, promises of benefits, etc.).”

ULPs are often used as a negotiating tactic, but the PCTA staffers have already had one sustained. One would think union officers would be more adept at dealing with unions, but they haven’t mastered it either.