Iowa State Education Association Having No Problems Winning Recertification

Iowa’s public sector unions faced recertification votes this month, most of them for the first time. Despite needing a majority of the bargaining unit, not just a majority of votes, they are succeeding in maintaining their exclusive representative status.

Overall, 436 out of 468 local unions were recertified. Most of the losers were Teamsters locals and others representing blue-collar workers. The Iowa State Education Association was highly effective in getting its vote out.

Out of the 220 ISEA locals that underwent a vote, four were decertified. Scanning the vote results I can identify only three – Glidden-Ralston, North Linn and Sigourney – totaling 125 teachers and other educators.

Only seven other locals had margins that were even close – three of which cleared a majority by a single vote.

The unions are justified in complaining about the election rules and the motivations behind the recertification law, but they are still going to have a difficult time making the case that periodic elections are a bad thing. In Iowa at least, they have nothing to fear.