Using Union Dues to Purchase Twitter Eggs?

The dispute between the Nevada State Education Association and its Clark County affiliate is a serious matter, with consequences not just for Nevada teachers but the continued coherence of the National Education Association, which has had an affiliate in every state for more than 40 years.

But it has a comedic side as well. Earlier this month a Twitter account appeared called Support Teachers, with a banner headline referring to the Clark County Education Association, “It’s Time for a Change; CCEA Leadership Is Going Down the Wrong Path, Tearing Down Everything Teachers Built.”

The account has only four tweets, all of them critical of CCEA, but an impressive 7,712 followers. Alas, almost all of them are “eggs,” purchased fake followers that apparently can be had for the low, low price of about $20 per 1,000.

CCEA caught on right away and discovered something else. If you scroll all the way through those 7,712 followers – a task I completed but do not recommend – you’ll find the very first follower was Lisa Guzman, the assistant executive director of the Nevada State Education Association.

My search was exhaustive, but I could find only two other legitimate followers: The Badass Teachers Association and the Nevada School Choice Coalition. Unless of course the battle between NSEA and CCEA has become a hot topic in Indonesia.

Let’s hope this was just an amateurish attempt to win some social media points against CCEA, because as an official communications strategy it leaves a lot to be desired.