After Christmas Truce, Nevada Union Dispute Resumes

As the dispute between the Clark County Education Association and its parent unions meanders through the Nevada courts, both sides continue their efforts to win over the hearts and minds of Las Vegas teachers.

The National Education Association’s Member Insurance Trust warned those teachers that their complimentary life insurance would be cut off and other supplemental insurance they may have purchased through NEA was endangered because of CCEA’s withholding of national dues money.

CCEA called the move a “cruel and cynical act” and threatened legal action against NEA.

Meanwhile, CCEA sought to bolster its position by informing members that their share of state dues to the Nevada State Education Association “bankrolls NSEA’s entire staff salaries and expenses,” adding that the NSEA executive director “receives $24,000 a year for housing allowance even though he owns a house in Las Vegas. Go figure!”

I believe most teachers don’t spend a single minute of any day worried about whether their union is affiliated with a state and national parent union. Every one of them knows the difference between $810 in dues and $405 in dues. That’s where this battle will ultimately be decided.


One thought on “After Christmas Truce, Nevada Union Dispute Resumes”

  1. I’d tell those Nevada teachers not to worry; their complimentary life insurance is a whopping $1,000. Laughable.

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