New Front Opened in Clark County Battle

The ongoing dispute between the Clark County Education Association and its parent affiliates has settled into a routine in the courts and on the internet. Now the contest will shift to the ballot box.

A mail-in election for CCEA officers will take place beginning next week and will run until February 23. An opposition slate of candidates has declared, calling itself Clark County Educators for Change.

It’s a little strange that the slate’s platform refers to the controversy only obliquely. However, the candidates created a GoFundMe page to raise campaign money, stating, “We believe that the strained relationship between our local and our state and national organizations must be repaired in order to fight against anti-union, pro-corporate education reform policies that are working against public education in Nevada, and it is our plan to mend those relationships while securing the increased funding needed to support the very unique needs of Clark County.”

I have no way to handicap the race, except to say that the last major CCEA election produced about a 10% turnout. Although the lawsuits and the notoriety generated should ensure a greater turnout this time, both slates will have to decide whether they are better served to turn out their base, or to woo enough of the 90% to win.

Stay tuned.


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