Bad News for Connecticut’s Prince of Wales?

* There are few things more predictable in life than the fact that the incumbent vice president of an NEA state affiliate will run for, and win, the presidency of that affiliate when the position opens up. EIA once checked, and discovered that more than 60 percent of state affiliate presidents had acceded in that fashion (another nine percent were incumbent state treasurers).

So it’s unusual when the incumbent vice president decides to run for president, and his challenger receives the endorsement of the sitting president and the previous president.

Connecticut Education Association President Rosemary Coyle is term-limited out, and Vice President Phil Apruzzese is running for the office. But both Coyle and former CEA President Daria Plummer have endorsed challenger William Murray, the president of NEA Danbury (Danbury was the launching point for the union career of former NEA President Bob Chase).

I don’t know who Apruzzese cheesed off, but the CEA election will now feature a singular contest between endorsements and tradition.

* The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the NEA Alaska case is making lawyers all over the country sit up and take notice.


You Didn’t Quit Yesterday! We Fired You Today!

“Esta página está en proceso de remodelación.”

Thus ends AFT’s formal presence in Puerto Rico. As EIA has reported (exclusively for a long, long time — see here and here for example), AFT’s efforts to regain control of the disaffiliated Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico (FMPR) have been defeated at every turn. The national union conceded defeat by shutting down the AFTPR web page with the above notice, and overnighting a letter to FMPR President Rafael Feliciano Hernandez on Wednesday, notifying him that AFT was revoking FMPR’s affiliation!

Additionally, the AFT Executive Council terminated the administratorship over FMPR (which never took practical effect anyway), and included a pointed reference to outstanding loans and back dues payments. AFT wants the latter repaid by next Friday. Good luck.

It bears repeating that it has been almost a full year since the FMPR disaffiliation vote, and following months of investigations, protests, rallies, lawsuits, an administratorship, court decisions, a referendum, and a charter revocation, you will still search in vain for any public statement about these events from AFT national headquarters. Can’t have the loss of 32,000 members undermine the message, can we?


Tease for Monday

It was a pretty bad week for unions in the normally accommodating U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Two cases that will reverberate. Tons of details from the court, and EIA has many to add — too many for this type of format. Let’s just say, “Stay tuned for Monday’s EIA Communiqué.”