Honor the Fallen by Educating Their Children

There are many ways to honor our troops on Veterans’ Day, but no way can be better than to do something for those our fallen soldiers have left behind. Founded in 1980 after the Desert One tragedy in Iran, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides college scholarships and counseling support to the children of special operations personnel killed in the line of duty. The foundation currently contributes to the education of more than 500 children — the sons and daughters of over 400 special operations personnel.

These heroes will rest easier knowing their children’s college education is assured. For more information, see the foundation’s web site at http://www.specialops.org or contact them at PO Box 13483, Tampa FL 33681, 813-805-9400 or toll free 877-337-7693.


Time for Your Year-End Thoughts

For the eighth consecutive year, EIA takes this mid-November opportunity to provide you, the reader, an opportunity to express your thoughts on the communiqué and the other works of the Education Intelligence Agency. This year was an unusual one, with major changes to the web page and the addition of this blog, Intercepts.

Most of you are not shy in expressing such thoughts everyday, but I solicit comments at this time each year to allow new readers, those who receive the newsletter through forwarding, and those who normally lurk quietly, the chance to say whatever is on their minds — though veteran readers are also very welcome to respond.

Your remarks are for my edification and will not be published anywhere. You can respond via e-mail or anonymously on this blog page by clicking the comments button below.

Be as brief or verbose as you desire. Praise or damn as you please. Choose whatever topic or part of EIA you care to address.

Thank you in advance for taking the time.


Mike Antonucci
Education Intelligence Agency


Unusual Campaign Strategy Wins for School Board Candidate

* Randy Logan Hale didn’t spend much time or money campaigning for a seat on the Romoland School District board in California, but he won anyway. It will be a while before he takes office though, because he is currently ensconced in the California Institute for Men in Chino for violating his parole from 1998 spousal-abuse and drug-possession convictions. He is due to be released February 15.

“This is wild, he’ll be glad,” said Hale’s wife, Penny.

* Outpost of the Odd: No injuries from exploding laulau in Molokai (for the uninitiated, these are laulau).

* A new Contract Hits is up.


Don’t Steal This Book! Buy It!

Joanne Jacobs is, and has been for a long time, one of the finest writers in the education field. But you don’t have to take my word for it. She also writes the most widely read education blog in the country. Palgrave Macmillan has published her book about her experiences at the Downtown College Prep charter school in San Jose, California, called Our School: The Inspiring Story of Two Teachers, One Big Idea, and the School That Beat the Odds.

It’s available now on Amazon (for an amazing low price!), so get over there and purchase this firsthand account of what it’s like in a start-up charter. And while you’re there, this book will also make a wonderful Christmas gift. Buy them both and you’ll get free shipping!


Mad Baker Defeated in Pennsylvania

* Here’s the one election result you’ve been waiting for: Beverly Coon received only 1,240 votes (4.9%) in her bid for reelection to the Baldwin-Whitehall school board. Her board seat was not the only casualty of her indictment for attempted homicide. The victim of Ms. Coon’s potent pastries, Dr. Ronald Grimm, resigned his position as superintendent of the Bethel Park school district.

* Quote of the Day: “My whole experience in math the last few years has been a struggle against the program. Whatever I’ve achieved, I’ve achieved in spite of it. Kids do not do better learning math themselves. There’s a reason we go to school, which is that there’s someone smarter than us with something to teach us.” — High school student Jim Munch, who credits his achievements in math to the tutoring in traditional methods his parents gave him after school. Munch has been in a constructivist math program at school for four years. (November 9 New York Times)