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22 NEA State Affiliates Have Fewer Members Than in 1994

Written By: Mike Antonucci   – Aug• 03•15

August 3, 2015

22 NEA State Affiliates Have Fewer Members Than in 1994. Last April I did a little historical research and discovered that 20 NEA state affiliates actually lost members from 1994 to 2013. Now that I have the union’s 2013-14 membership numbers available, I am updating that figure to 22.

Recent membership losses in the Georgia Association of Educators and the Tennessee Education Association bring them to levels below where they stood in 1994. Here is the complete list:

Arizona Education Association

Arkansas Education Association

Georgia Association of Educators

Idaho Education Association

Indiana State Teachers Association

Iowa State Education Association

Kansas NEA

Louisiana Association of Educators

Maine Education Association

Mississippi Association of Educators

North Carolina Association of Educators

Oklahoma Education Association

South Carolina Education Association

South Dakota Education Association

Tennessee Education Association

Texas State Teachers Association

Utah Education Association

Virginia Education Association

West Virginia Education Association

Wisconsin Education Association Council

Wyoming Education Association

Federal Education Association

As this list grows, the list of historically healthy state affiliates will shrink by one. The Alabama Education Association was NEA’s sole success story in the South over the last 20 years, but recent events will soon have the organization joining its brethren on life support.

Merger double-counting aside, the number of reliably strong NEA affiliates is whittled down to seven – California, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland and Washington. Absent a remarkable change in fortunes, NEA will start to resemble AFT in that it will have well-defined strongholds (as AFT has in major city school systems) and be virtually invisible elsewhere.

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Quote of the Week. “Comparing strength to ‘right to work’ status shows that union strength is clearly correlated with whether unions can collect agency fees. (All data are as of 2012.) Eighteen of the twenty strongest-union states allow the collection of agency fees; most of the twenty states where unions are weakest prohibit the practice, though there are a handful of exceptions (Washington, D.C., New Mexico, and Missouri, for example).” – Michael J. Petrilli and Dara Zeehandelaar. (August 3 Education Next)

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