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The Top 20 Education Blogs

Written By: Mike Antonucci   – May• 17•10

Technorati ranks more than 100,000 blogs with “authority” calculations “based on a site’s linking behavior, categorization and other associated data over a short, finite period of time.” I don’t know what all that means, but it allows for comparison of blogs across and within all categories. The site doesn’t have an “education” category, so it requires going through the comprehensive listing to pick them out one at a time.

The rankings are updated once a day, but here are the top 20 education blogs as of May 16, with their Technorati authority figures (1000 is the highest possible score):

1) Joanne Jacobs – 610

2) The Quick and the Ed – 601

3) Gotham Schools – 584

4) Education Experts (National Journal) – 576

5) Flypaper – 572

6) Curriculum Matters (Education Week) – 562

7) Eduwonk – 556

8) Cool Cat Teacher Blog – 553

9) Get Schooled (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) – 550

10) Jay P. Greene’s Blog – 527

(tie) Intercepts – 527

12) This Week in Education – 526

13) The School Law Blog (Education Week) – 518

(tie) Education Technology – ICT in Education – 518

15) Kitchen Table Math, The Sequel – 516

16) Why Homeschool – 515

17) Homeschool Creations – 513

18) Dangerously Irrelevant – 507

(tie) Educational Boarding School – 507

20) EdTechPost – 497

Jay Mathews wrote about the latest Brookings Institution report on education journalism. He’s optimistic, but he states something important for those who write about education.

“Mass audiences aren’t that interested in school news. They will always, in my view, prefer reporting on celebrities, business, sports and politics, unless of course the government makes them watch us.”

The Technorati stats bear out Mathews’ premise. The top education blogger, Joanne Jacobs, doesn’t rank in top 1000 of all blogs. Political blogs rule the blogosphere, suggesting that the penchant for focusing on education policy rather than pedagogy is a rational one.


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  1. Darren says:

    I’m wounded I didn’t make the list. 🙁

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  4. I don’t suppose you want to list the top what ever it takes to get to mine do you? 🙂 Seriously though how did you find the blogs in your list?

  5. I can live without making the list, but if you get a chance, check my blog. The book summaries appear to be unique in this field and represent a valuable resource for busy educators. They also help you decide which books to add to your professional development library.

  6. Sandy Crux says:

    Hi, there are some good Canadian education blogs too. Visit mine when you get a chance.