Here’s Something You Don’t See Every Day

Public schools in Butte, Montana, are closed due to a strike. Not a teacher strike. A principal strike.

The principals are represented by the Teamsters and the teachers’ union is honoring their picket line.


One Response to “Here’s Something You Don’t See Every Day”

  1. Clarissa Douthit Says:

    It is understandable that the cost of living increases yearly. However, what is totally incredulous is the few (principals and administrators) are more concerned about their financial gains instead of the lifelong financial costs of the non-education of their constituents – their students. This is a resounding lack of compassion for our future leaders and innovators. Someday, those students will realize their education lost by those who gambled their academic futures on a 1% pay-raise on their future. What an extremely sad commentary. Education Blog Directory