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Guerrilla War Over Merit Pay in Michigan

Written By: Mike Antonucci   – Oct• 16•12

A 2010 Michigan law requires that public schools “shall implement and maintain a method of compensation for its teachers and school administrators that includes job performance and job accomplishments as a significant factor in determining compensation and additional compensation.” But Michigan Capitol Confidential learned that some districts are showing contempt for the law by awarding their highly effective teachers a bonus of $1 to $3.

The problem is that the districts and their unions couldn’t come to an agreement on a system to implement the law’s provisions, so this is what they dreamed up.

It demonstrates the limits of passing a law enacting education reform and then handing it over to opponents to put it into practice. I admit to a certain admiration for the wise-ass method used by these local unions and their compliant superintendents to thumb their noses at the legislature. However, they wouldn’t think it clever if the method were used against them.

If we’re going to play these kinds of games, how about reducing class sizes – by half a child? Addressing indoor air quality by conducting classes outside? How about firing teachers for not paying union dues?

Oh wait. We already do that.


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