Dark Clouds Have Dark Linings

Everyone has an election round-up today - and I have to hand it to Alexander Russo for going full-meta and posting a round-up round-up - but I’m holding off on mine until Monday. For one thing, the leadership of the NEA was apparently abducted by aliens and held incommunicado shortly after Tom Wolf was elected governor of Pennsylvania. No word since.

The spin masters at AFT were able to escape long enough to churn out Randi Weingarten’s statement, but they were clearly confused by events in the alternate universe they were visiting (perhaps Mongo?), since Weingarten is saying that the union side actually “prevailed.”

So while I let this all congeal over the weekend, let me devote this post to highlighting those results you might not have heard about through your usual outlets.

* Despite the overwhelming endorsement of the Providence Teachers Union, twice-convicted felon Buddy Cianci lost his mayoral race.

* Mia Love, once called “a crazy person” by NEA president Lily Eskelsen Garcia, was elected to Congress in Utah, something Eskelsen failed to achieve in 1998.

* There were plenty of high profile campaigns to worry about, but the unions spent time last week on down-ballot races, too. While on a six-state GOTV blitz, Eskelsen Garcia showed up in Tucson for a fundraiser for Arizona attorney general candidate Felecia Rotellini. She lost.

* Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis won’t be running for mayor, and she surprised a lot of people by endorsing Cook County commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia for the job. Unfortunately, among the people she surprised were her own union activists, who strangely expected to at least be notified and asked for approval before such a step was taken. This, according to Substance News, sets up a contentious meeting of the CTU House of Delegates tonight.

* Finally, the Jefferson Parish school board races that attracted so much AFT money resulted in two wins, two losses and one runoff. The local teachers’ union president lost her bid for a school board seat.


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