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Written By: Mike Antonucci   – Aug• 03•15

The Detroit Federation of Teachers executive board put president Steve Conn on trial this morning for conduct detrimental to the union.

Conn called on members to show up at the hearing. “I know that many, many of you will be as upset as I am at this news, and I would like to offer my time to talk with you,” he wrote on the union’s web site. “I am still hopeful that, even at this late hour, we may be able to reach a settlement — especially if you and other members are willing to help us early Monday morning.”

“Many, many of you” turned out to be about 50 people. Conn also knew that the hearing was to be held in executive session. His supporters were not admitted and the police had to be called to clear them from the entrance.

“This is nothing but a political attack on my leadership by the remnants of the old defeated leadership of the DFT,” Conn said. “They lost at the ballot box; so now they are trying to win with a coup.”


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  1. Brenda/DFT says:

    Would like to hear result of this trial, It has been 5 hrs!