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New Jersey Education Association’s Finances

Written By: Mike Antonucci   – Mar• 31•16

The New Jersey Education Association had a negative net worth, primarily due to pension and health care liabilities owed to its own employees totaling $154.2 million. Still, NJEA had enough money to use $9.3 million to form its own SuperPAC – Garden State Forward – and contribute $125,000 to New Jersey Policy Perspective.

Total membership – 200,174, down 140 members

Total revenue – $129.6 million (88% came from member dues), up $3.1 million

Surplus – $1.1 million

Net assets – negative $17.6 million

Total staff – 426

Staff salaries and benefits – $61.3 million

Highest paid employee – Vincent Giordano, former executive director – $491,879 base salary

Highest paid contractorThe New Media Firm – $5,157,043


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