We Already Have Border Walls

Now that the marches and rallies for immigrant rights are over, let’s give a little thought to those who face barriers far greater than the U.S. border.

After all, crossing the U.S. border to attend a public school seems to be a fairly simple task. Try to cross the border of the Gross Pointe school district in Michigan and it will cost you $13,000 a year.

Or maybe you reside within the borders of the nation’s largest school district in New York City. You would be amazed at what people - even good liberals - will do to keep you from edging across the internal border to P.S. 452.

We are often reminded that public schools “willingly accept all students.” If that were true, they wouldn’t see border patrols or parents pretending to be homeless in order to enroll their kids in a suitable school.

If enrollment were opened to everyone, wouldn’t the better schools be swamped with applicants? Yes. I guess the schools would just have to resort to waiting lists and lotteries for available slots.