Closing Ranks

Prior to the protests in Colorado, most news outlets reported that the state’s teachers ranked 46th in the nation in average salary. The rankings came courtesy of the National Education Association.

The union’s most recent rankings corrected an error - a rather large error. Instead of 46th, Colorado teachers rank 31st in the nation.

The mistake wasn’t NEA’s fault. Apparently there was a miscommunication between the union and the Colorado Department of Education about which employees are included for the purposes of computation.

It was an honest mistake. Correct it and move on. But it turns out correcting it interfered with the protesters’ narrative.

9News in Denver ran this correction.

In this video, the station’s news anchor explained what happened next.

For its part, NEA issued a press statement acknowledging the error, but added, “Whether it’s ranking 31st or 46th, the reality is that teachers cannot live off the pay they’re getting.”

Ah, the last resort of scoundrels everywhere. We didn’t hear that line when the media was touting the 46th place ranking. I only wish that before all this happened the legislature had introduced a bill to raise the average teacher salary from 46th to 31st in the nation. It would have been called a great victory.