Membership Numbers for Every California Teachers Association Local Affiliate

I don’t come across this kind of information every day. In fact, I’ve been reporting on the California Teachers Association for 25 years and have never had a comprehensive accounting of membership down to the local level.

CTA has 988 local affiliates. About 10 percent of the union’s membership resides in CTA’s largest local - United Teachers Los Angeles. The next largest is the California Faculty Association. While it is considered a local, CFA actually represents higher education employees in the California State University system throughout the length of the state.

After that the size of each local drops significantly, gradually reaching the point where the union has 14 locals with only one member, and about 200 locals that could hold an all-member meeting in a standard office elevator.

But technically they are not even the smallest. CTA also has 100 or so locals (not listed in my table) with zero members. It appears they exist as placeholder affiliates, some of which are in school districts where an affiliate of the California Federation of Teachers is the exclusive bargaining agent.

I’ve posted the 14-page list as a PDF file, ranked according to size, if you just want to look at it.

Some of you may want to sort the data differently - perhaps by geographic area - so I have also included the county where each affiliate is located and have posted the information as an Excel spreadsheet and comma separated values file.