NEA Delegates Will Virtually Examine Union’s Budget and Resolutions

For many years the National Education Association has held open hearings on its proposed budget, resolutions and legislative agenda just prior to its annual Representative Assembly. The relevant NEA committee would make a presentation and the delegates were encouraged to ask questions.

In a continuing attempt to cut costs post-Janus and reduce the number of days required for the annual meeting, NEA has converted all those hearings to virtual status.

Delegates will have to phone in to hear the presentations during selected dates in June. I am unsure how the visual aids will be provided to them.

As a cost-cutting measure this makes sense. The hearings were usually sparsely attended anyway and rarely would delegate input lead to alterations in the budget.

However, it does make it that much harder for delegates to oversee the actions of their national union. There is even less chance now that anyone will catch NEA playing games with its membership numbers, for example.