NEA Drops the Veil on Its Abortion Stance

Yesterday the delegates to the National Education Association Representative Assembly got a little rambunctious and did something the union has studiously avoided for 34 years. They put NEA on the record as supporting the “fundamental right to abortion.”

Since 1985 the National Education Association has held an official policy on family planning. Expressed in Resolution I-24, it begins:

The National Education Association believes in family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom.

This was widely understood by both sides of the debate as being a pro-abortion stance. But for the last 34 years, the union has denied it takes any position on abortion. The word has never appeared in the union’s resolutions.

The reason for being cagey about it is because there is a significant number of teachers who refuse to join NEA because they believe the organization supports abortion. For many years, some NEA delegates have attempted to get the union to take a neutral stance on abortion, but have always failed.

The resolution’s language allowed the union to use membership recruiting material like this, from the Tennessee Education Association:

The relevant portion of New Business Item 56, passed yesterday on a standing vote by the delegates, reads:

The NEA vigorously opposes all attacks on the right to choose and stands on the fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade.

An NBI does not supplant the union’s resolutions, but at least for a year it expresses the will of NEA’s largest policy-making body.

It’s questionable that NBI 56 will have any effect on the abortion debate, but it does strike a blow for clarity over concealment.


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