I Can’t Wait For This

The California Teachers Association board of directors approved the following new business item over the weekend:

“CTA will produce a PSA highlighting learning gains that students have made during the pandemic.”

You might think it would be a tall order for the union to create a public service announcement showing how well students are doing, but CTA has already set the table.

The union pushed hard to suspend standardized testing, but when the Biden administration didn’t go along, CTA successfully lobbied the state board of education to allow school districts to use local assessments in lieu of state tests.

Leaving aside the whole point of standardized tests (hint: they’re standardized), don’t you think it’s kind of insane for the union to brag about student learning gains during a year when almost none of them have been in a classroom? If that’s the case, it must have been a really productive year for those 500,000 California students who never logged on.


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