Test All Students and Teachers for COVID and Vibrancy

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union voted not to conduct any in-person school district-wide, which would be fine if anyone had granted them the authority to make that decision. The people elected to do so have different ideas, so we have a labor strike, despite efforts by the union to depict it as a lockout.

CTU wants the district to abide by negotiated February 2021 safety protocols, which expired in August 2021. The union also wants a follow-up agreement that would allow for future district-wide shutdowns.

CTU says 73 percent of the rank-and-file approved the action, but did not release figures on the turnout.

“Regrettably, the Mayor and her CPS leadership have put the safety and vibrancy of our students and their educators in jeopardy,” according to a CTU press release.

Whether teachers and students are safer at home is a matter for debate, as the current surge occurred while everyone was at home during the winter break. But I’m baffled to understand how shutting down schools is supposed to positively affect everyone’s vibrancy levels.

In fact, I don’t know what the baseline vibrancy levels are for Chicago teachers and students. Surely this is a matter for collective bargaining.

I’ll have more on this situation next week as events unfold.


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